Want to fill your kitchen with joy? There’s only one woman for the job: Marie Kondo. But if you can’t get her to come to your house and coach you through the process like she does on her hit TV show, use these tips instead. If you want to get your kitchen organized and spark joy, these are the Marie Kondo-approved tips you need.

Keep only the kitchen gadgets you use

Sometimes our kitchens can get crowded with all sorts of kitchen gadgets, from pasta makers to salad spinners — you probably don’t need all of those items. Take out all the kitchen gadgets you own and look them over. Ask yourself how often you use each item, and if the answer is seldom, then you should consider donating it. However, if you are an avid cook and use many of the kitchen gadgets you own, keep them! As long as these items are getting used and enriching your life, they can stay.

Use drawer organizers 

Kitchen drawers can often get out of control. You might think that by putting something away in a drawer, it’s organized, but that’s not the case if your drawers are jam-packed and you have to remove everything just to find one spoon! Kondo suggests drawer organizers to divide up the space. This way, you have serving spoons in one area, tongs in another and smaller utensils in their own place. 

Store items based on frequency of use

Another secret to keeping your kitchen organized is to store things based on how frequently you use them. Keep bowls and glasses that you use daily on a lower shelf for ease of access. If you use your slow cooker weekly, keep it where it is easy to reach. This will save you from having to use a stepladder every time you need your salad bowl or from having to take out other items just to get to it.

Create a joyful eating area

Keep your kitchen table clean and clear. A messy, disorganized table has a negative impact on your eating habits. If you have bags of potato chips and cookies lying out on your table, you are more likely to eat them. Keep everything in its place and make your kitchen table an area that fills you with joy.

Thank your kitchen

As Marie Kondo suggests to all the families she works with on her TV show, thank your kitchen and what it has given you. Expressing gratitude will help you appreciate the space you have, and if you respect your kitchen, you will be more inclined to keep it tidy.